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​become part of the community as a book-tender or collector.

  • the book

    way of the trees: a poetic field guide of self-creation
    • signed first edition print of seeded story, wisdom + poetry
    • *please note this is a one-time purchase of a physical book
    • one tree planted with every purchase
    • comes with free circle membership
    • presale price is $33 (normally $44)
  • the collection

    Every month
    downloadable digital poetic art
    Valid for 12 months
    • monthly poetry reading + masterclass
    • ecotherapy journal prompts
    • *please note that this is a monthly digital delivery
    • twelve trees planted with every purchase
    • 11% off of the physical book with purchase
    • premium family tree membership included
    • presale price is $44/mo with code 'PRESALE21'

    Every month
    a complete mentorship and training program for 12 months
    Valid for 12 months
    • flexible options: attend online and/or in-person
    • hyper-focus on your needs through mentorship and teachings
    • see for our full schedule

    Every month
    join us for three live immersive weekends in community on LI
    Valid for 3 months
    • applies to consecutive months*

    immerse in wisdom with us for the weekend
    Valid for one month
    • see schedule on for individual details
    • please note this is a one time payment
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more than a book, way of the trees is an offering to yourself, to our earth mother, to our shared ancestry.

it is a way of living in remembrance of your roots to the earth.

inspired by plant-medicine visions, human story and merged consciousness with tree-kind, this is the first ever print and digital journey of literary work in such combined mediums. poetic story accompanied with self-analysis and lessons for the metaphysical and terrestrial path of your true nature transcends into a timeless collection of soul care.

"my intention is that this experiential narrative is enjoyed as a beautiful gift for yourself and shared with those who need to know they are part of our common family tree." (-lauren)


*please note that these books are printed in small batches on the most auspicious days throughout the year and are limited one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered. 

physical books ship 11/12/21 (for pre-orders before 11/1)

audio & digital collection is released monthly on the 1st, beginning December 2021.

*free membership grants access to exclusive edits, poetry, inspiration, seasonal inquiry, ecotherapy exercises and more.

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