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WAY  of     
the   TREES

a poetic field guide for finding your way home.

"...your words put language to the pictures in my head. When I read your poems I feel like I am on a walk in the woods, and the woods always make me feel home."

explore the way

the book

the collection

the ceremony

Wild Forest

the book

more than a book, way of the trees is an offering to yourself, to our earth mother, to our shared ancestry.

inspired by plant-medicine visions, human story and merged consciousness with tree-kind, way of the trees is rooted in poetic narrative. lessons for the metaphysical and terrestrial path of your true nature transcend into a timeless collection of soul care to nurture. 

as a book-tender, you can plant, repurpose or treasure the pages for a lifetime, knowing that one day they will safely return to the forest, from which they came.


one tree is planted with every purchase.

includes free basic membership to way of the trees.

*please note this is one-of-a-kind, each book arrives sealed with love and numbered for authenticity.

the book

"When I read [way of the trees], it feels like you're leading me on a soul trail and we are walking through the forests; it just makes me feel so connected and yet so free— like I want to run barefoot through the trees."

the collection

a virtual, seasonal spiral for sourcing inner wisdom and embodying cyclical practices.


delivered straight to your sacred space in the world wide web. way of the trees: the digital collection, is a portal to the places in you that seek light in the darkest forest.

inspired by plant-medicine visions, human story and merged consciousness with tree-kind, this digital collection of poetic narrative accompanied with self-analysis and ecotherapy prompts are delivered once monthly. lessons for the metaphysical and terrestrial path of your true nature transcend into a timeless collection of soul care. 

upon checkout you can gift this to yourself or someone you love by choosing the monthly digital arrival date.

please note, this collection is a complete year-long journey.

way of the trees
the collection


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Afternoon Light


lauren pacione

writer . healing artist . council 

I find myself most at home where the walls are made of wildflowers and the willow trees dance in the windows of still rivers.

My path into Ecotherapy and traditional healing as a practitioner returned full circle to being a little girl, burying toys by the bunny hutch in the backyard. The bridge home was built by unearthing all that I had accumulated and ignored in self-sabotage, addiction, abuse, the human-ness of it all.


I believe that the world works like this: seasons and cycles of unbecoming what we aren’t so that we may bloom again and again into what we were born to be.

My spiral inward includes working in body movement for over fifteen years exploring wise, ancient ways for uncovering trauma and cultivating a modern heart-mind of leadership in integrative medicine to foster authentic embodiment of your truest expression. Thousands of hours of 1-1 client work, consulting for boutique studios, large-scale operations, retreat and workshop are ripe experiences for offering a refined and readily accessible library of teachings and learning.


I embrace this rich soil and co-create with you, nature, words, spirit world, plant medicine and a rooted foundation in connection to core self and sustainable business practices that facilitate guidance, healing and training for you to discover and share the fields of foliage seeded in your heart.

Writing has always been an inward offering to myself, to the trees, to our intertwined connection and now, to you. I am most inspired by the cycle of life-death and the seasonal process of becoming-unbecoming as souls animating skin.

My first book, Way of the Trees, is the ready fruit of perpetual expression of nature through poetry and self-analysis as a tool of reclamation and regeneration along your path home.

read, listen and learn more here.

lauren is available for private experiential readings, continuing education for practitioners and speaking engagements within the world of therapeutic plant medicine, deep ecology and consultation in earth-based businesses.

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